Guri Burmi

for Morrisville Town Council 2017

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Based on his past work and a long history of working in Morrisville with a variety of groups of people and public entities, his peers and people in the community hold Guri Burmi in a high esteem. Here are some of the endorsements he has recently received from people who are in Public Office and those who know that Guri will deliver what he promises.

Morrisville Action - Non-partisan, Non-profit Group

Guri Burmi is honored to have been endorsed by Morrisville Action, a non-partisan, non-profit group of Morrisville neighbors dedicated to keeping taxes low, town services high, and community development well balanced. 

Mark Stohlman - Morrisville mayor

"I fully endorse Mr Guri Burmi for Morrisville Town Council. Morrisville will greatly benefit from Guri's business background, community service and his partnership with Wake County Public Schools. Please vote for Guri Burmi!"

Michael Schlink, Morrisville Town Council member

"It has been a pleasure working with Guri over the past few years on neighborhood issues of storm-water, road improvements and school re-assignments.  Guri is a talented entrepreneur who will bring to the council table a strong voice for residents concerns and innovative ideas on continued investment in town infrastructure."

Col. Andrew Finlayson, former HOA President at Providence Place

"I can think of no better man than Guri Burmi to serve the community on the town council. His integrity, intelligence, business acumen, leadership skills and family values make him the ideal man for this important job. I give him my complete support and endorsement."

Gautam Aggarwal - President of Providence Place HOA and local business owner

“Guri Burmi has served the Providence Place community on the HOA board of directors.  He has shown a desire to work with others to better our community of almost 500 homes.  I admire Guri for his selflessness and fully endorse his candidacy for town council.”